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The innovative web content solution trusted by over 200 publications

Our realtime CMS makes creating content fast and provides journalists with an evolving tool suite using data-driven AI

Article editor

Trusted by over 200 quality digital publishers


Enables journalists to create content in a realtime environment including breaking news, liveblogs, reviews, question & answers and long-read feature articles.

With a smart set of tools including embed recommendations, intelligent content categorisation and integrations with social platforms, the FLOW CMS enables journalists to create modern, clear and engaging content.

FLOW CMS has multilingual capabilities with built-in translation tools making managing content in multiple countries simple.

Article editor in FLOW CMS

FLOW Stories

An innovative, tappable story format built into the FLOW platform with support for videos, 360 images and polls and quizzes which offer high engagement and revenue opportunities and can be surfaced across your websites in a range of components from the homepage to embedded in articles.

Examples of FLOW Stories

FLOW E-Commerce

Diversify and grow your revenue from product recommendations using the FLOW eCommerce tools. FLOW provides a flexible set of templates and tools to track affiliate conversions and optimise the content to generate more revenue and find links to products that are out-of-stock so that content creators can easily update links to optimise revenue.

E-Commerce dashboard in FLOW CMS


At the core of FLOW is a machine learning environment that enables the platform to offer recommendations which continue to improve, ranging from image and video recommendations within the CMS to powering personalised related links on your websites.

Suggested links in FLOW CMS